Team Members: Chris Vrakas, Justin Vrakas & Steve McDaniel

Mission: We believe that the quality of a product is not determined by its cost, but instead by the individuals desire to create that product. Customz Web and Graphic Design refuses to fall short of our customers’ highest expectations. Furthermore, we refuse to fall short of our highest expectations. We promise to work with our customers until they are fully satisfied, and will not stop until our mutual goals are reached through dedication, communication, and a genuine work ethic.

Reaching a Common Ground: Our desire to express ourselves through this type of art led us to explore and dedicate a great deal of time to mastering numerous professional software programs and techniques. Web and graphic design became a life consuming activity in which our desire for further knowledge grew to be infinite. With access to some of the most powerful web and graphic design software on the market today, we can properly provide clients with professional web sites at low costs. Because we are not affiliated with a large business or corporation, we are able to negotiate prices based on the consumers needs.If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us to arrange a presentation of our capabilities and previous works. We are particularly flexible when it comes to prices and the style of the job requested.

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